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I am a musician, meditator and sometimes teacher.  From time to time I will be offering workshops and sessions to encourage others to explore the world of meditation.  We will practice some sitting, walking, stretching and chanting.  We’ll rest in silence. What might this reveal?

A shift happens as we become aware of awareness. We connect with something that is bigger than anything else, and it happens to be beautiful. This inspires us, helps us to heal and opens a richer experience of our lives.
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I was in the beer store today looking for something in glass bottles, for a gift. After going to these stores for decades I hadn’t really considered why most of the store is a “cold room “.  The obvious reason is, so that customers can carry beer home that’s already cold!

Is it too much trouble for us to place a bottle in the fridge for a half hour once a person gets home?  I question  whether the energy needed to recycle a beverage bottle or can, or a coffee cup is worth it for a few sips of pleasure. We could have our drinks in other ways, like carry a cup around and pour it from the source of purchase. In our current social environment, that sounds like a fanatical and extreme thought, but the weather is now doing extreme things and our thinking hasn’t caught up.

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A Mature Man Doing A Lunge Stretch Yoga Pose


For women and men of all ages. An introduction to “Full Spectrum Yoga”. There will be a simple giving thanks opening based on Buddhism’s “Three Jewels”, Some very light asana practice and a silent sitting part, total 60 minutes with time to mingle before and after. No experience required, just an open heart. $20 fee cash at door. If weather is good, the session will be on a large beautiful deck, if not, indoors. More info about the teacher at Http://

Parking on Dundas Street or Brock Avenue. Please register on Meetup in hte Group “Toronto Forty 40 Plus and Still Open” and text to 647 292 5415. Any questions are welcome by talk-phone!

Link to meetup:


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12 week meditation course / social

What to do with our Body, our Mind and our Hearts, when meditating?  How to sit in silence, unguided, and relax into the confident, humble healing state of True Self?

Join us for this weekly program where we will practice, learn and visit together at Brockton Lofts

4 Sessions Body
4 Sessions Mind
4 Sessions Heart

Each session will include: short presentation, 2 X 20 min practice sets, brief sharing circle and tea time for mingling.

WHEN: Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm and Saturdays 10am to 12pm

                                   WHERE: 20 Brockton Ave – Loft 7, Toronto, ON M6K 1S5

First session available Tuesday August 30 and Saturday September 03 as a limited attendance Drop in for PWYC – Donation suggested $10-$20 or secure your spot by purchasing a ticket at the link below.

Register for 12 week course Now for $210

Register Here!



Bring any piece of music in any form. We’ll deconstruct it’s elements and share our responses and insights. Then, consider how it fits into the broader world of music, sound and life.

After a break well do a musical exercise together and end with a short meditation.

Brockton Lofts, downtown.  To register call Gary at 647 292 5415

Symp DavidGARY

The Dharma Centre’s next Yoga, Meditation and Healing Symposium, November 13-15th, explores the meaning of “Healing” at its root, the relationship of various modalities, how they intersect and what a person can do in a simple way through the yogas of body, mind and heart.

New to these practices? Looking to learn more? Consider joining leaders Aysen Farag, Tony Tavares, Gennie Brukner, Heather Rigby and Gary Justice for this weekend retreat.
For more info or to register: Symposium at Dharma Center of Canada


Symposium I was a great success. We go deeper with Symposium II. Friday July 17 to Wed July 22 at the 400 acre Dharma Centre of Canada in Kinmount Ontario. Join four teachers from healing and yoga traditions to explore Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Yoga meditation and  Ayurveda in a session-packed rural retreat setting with wholesome meals and time to relax.

We will uncover together the underlying healing source of all in its simplest form. Suitable for those new in their path or mature practitioners.

More info & registration at:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 9.12.49 PM

Friday dinner time to Sunday afternoon May 1-3 on 400 acres of blessed land 2 hours from Toronto, at Dharma Centre of Canada.  Empowerment by Lama Lodro, Yoga Meditation daily with Gary Empty Book Justice and presentations from Andrea Olivera, Vivian Osal and Gennie Brukner about how this all fits with Ayurveda, Reiki and Shamanism.

More at:


Four Fridays starting April 3, 2015

Warm silence.

Basics posture of Body, Mind and Heart in the no-method method of “Calm Abiding”. This is the ground-zero, the basis, the ground of pure potential. Nothing projected, nothing pretended. We learn to uncover the still and dynamic nature of simply being, to open the door that allows this to permeate our lives.

Each 2 1/2 -hour session will include a report on homework/questions, a brief instruction, and several short sessions of sitting together, followed by 30 minutes socializing at the end. $25 per session includes homework assignment email support.

More information on the  instructor and host  Gary (Empty Book) Justice:

Please call 647 292 5415 with any questions and to confirm your registration.


Tues. Jan 27 at 7:00 p.m. downtown Toronto.

Cooking without recipe at Brockton loft! Learn to cook with freedom and connection – no worries!  Food is fuel and fuel is fun.  We appreciate a wholesome engagement with food, without excess.

Details at:


Tues Nov 18, 2014 / 6:30 pm to 9:00 @ Brockton Yoga, 20 Brockton Avenue, unit 7, Toronto, Ontario (Dufferin and Dundas).

More Info Gary 647 292 5415.

Join us for a comforting session of supportive quiet, sharing circle and a light meal in a yoga/meditation setting.

We will explore the root of separation feelings and the root of healing.  When we relax enough to realize our abundance, many of our knots are undone and we can join together with others with more ease.

PWYC suggested $10-20 and one small veg dish. If planning to attend, please do RSVP in this group and please confirm by calling Gary at 647 292 5415. Please register at:

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