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Friday dinner time to Sunday afternoon May 1-3 on 400 acres of blessed land 2 hours from Toronto, at Dharma Centre of Canada.  Empowerment by Lama Lodro, Yoga Meditation daily with Gary Empty Book Justice and presentations from Andrea Olivera, Vivian Osal and Gennie Brukner about how this all fits with Ayurveda, Reiki and Shamanism.

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Four Fridays starting April 3, 2015

Warm silence.

Basics posture of Body, Mind and Heart in the no-method method of “Calm Abiding”. This is the ground-zero, the basis, the ground of pure potential. Nothing projected, nothing pretended. We learn to uncover the still and dynamic nature of simply being, to open the door that allows this to permeate our lives.

Each 2 1/2 -hour session will include a report on homework/questions, a brief instruction, and several short sessions of sitting together, followed by 30 minutes socializing at the end. $25 per session includes homework assignment email support.

More information on the  instructor and host  Gary (Empty Book) Justice:

Please call 647 292 5415 with any questions and to confirm your registration.

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