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I was in the beer store today looking for something in glass bottles, for a gift. After going to these stores for decades I hadn’t really considered why most of the store is a “cold room “.  The obvious reason is, so that customers can carry beer home that’s already cold!

Is it too much trouble for us to place a bottle in the fridge for a half hour once a person gets home?  I question  whether the energy needed to recycle a beverage bottle or can, or a coffee cup is worth it for a few sips of pleasure. We could have our drinks in other ways, like carry a cup around and pour it from the source of purchase. In our current social environment, that sounds like a fanatical and extreme thought, but the weather is now doing extreme things and our thinking hasn’t caught up.

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A Mature Man Doing A Lunge Stretch Yoga Pose


For women and men of all ages. An introduction to “Full Spectrum Yoga”. There will be a simple giving thanks opening based on Buddhism’s “Three Jewels”, Some very light asana practice and a silent sitting part, total 60 minutes with time to mingle before and after. No experience required, just an open heart. $20 fee cash at door. If weather is good, the session will be on a large beautiful deck, if not, indoors. More info about the teacher at Http://

Parking on Dundas Street or Brock Avenue. Please register on Meetup in hte Group “Toronto Forty 40 Plus and Still Open” and text to 647 292 5415. Any questions are welcome by talk-phone!

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