Practice implies something we do to prepare for something else.   Meditation practice is something we do that benefits everything else – outer and inner -beyond time, so that it isn’t “now for later” but “now as always”.  We want to be more  deeply involved in feeling and living our life but we feel that our habitual distractions, our obligations, lack of opportunities or oppression  are preventing us.  For most of us, the main obstacle is our approach to the situation we  “find” ourselves in.

Many teachings take the form of talking and thinking.  This can be useful, but what’s  often missing is experiential doing – i.e.  practice.   Teaching by just doing it together.  This is the jewel of how i was taught Zen.  In our everyday lives, setting aside some time  to make the deep inner  connections we know are there, and start to join the dots.  By engaging experiential practice such as sitting meditation and mindful physical meditation like  yoga and so on, we can become more familiar with a source that is unending in its giving, support and inspiration.

It is from this inspiration, even more than from discipline, that  we can unfold and transform towards better living.

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