-4-hour or 7-hour workshop.  From science to poetry to meditation, the role of resonance as a portal to personal and community evolution.  Power point presentation, deep healing with meditation bowls, and loving kindness meditation.

Full Spectrum Yoga & Sharing Circle

-1 1/2 or 2 hour practice session of equal parts of light asana, pranayam, chanting or sounding, and silent meditation.  All “8 limbs” of Pajanjali’s yoga will be addressed in each session to invoke a sense of overall well being and community.  A brief sharing circle will begin or end each session. To join this Meetup community, go to Body-Mind-Heart

Sit Walk Sit

Exploring the Zen and Theravada technique of multiple set, sitting meditation, using conscious walking as a tool to calm down, and a bridge to bring a meditative awareness off the mat and into everyday life.

Chant Sit Chant

– 1 hour practice session – staying with one theme, we begin with some gentle chanting suitable for any participant then sink into two  15 minute sets of silent meditation, separated by a silent 5 minute comfort break. Before leaving each other we offer a Namaste bow and sing a celebrative Bhajan at the end.

Japa Chanting -Mantra As Mudra

– 2 hour workshop followed by an optional 40–day group practice, supported by weekly meetings. One mantra will be focused on for an entire series.

Meditation 101
– 3 sessions over three weeks.  posture, breathing, 3 ways to put the mind. Setting up a home practice.

Meditation 202
-3 sessions over 3 weeks.  Natural Luminescense – the Ground of Meditation.  Developing a view of source, purpose and your own path.

The Three Jewels of Buddhism
3 sessions over 3 weeks. Buddha Dharma Sangha as Peace, Love and Joy -a basis of Buddhist practice applicable to any path.

Vedic Pooja & Advaita Vedanta part 1 -Diety practice
-2 sessions -building an altar and chanted teachings/prayers, cultivating devotion and insight using symbols of qualities we aspire to

Vedic  Pooja & Advaita Vedanta part 2 : Non-dualism practice
-2 sessions – Chanting and contemplating direct connection to our True Self in all things.

Bowing Meditation
-2 sessions. 1) working with remorse, grief, and humility 2) working with will and contemplation.

Walking Meditation
-2 sessions. learning to move meditation awareness from sitting still to moving about as a metaphor for Acharya training -being awake at all times.

Metta Bhavana Meditation 
-4 sessions – increasing our love capacity and filling the world with it

Music Appreciation
1 to 3 sessions – finding spiritual themes in popular music, considering lyrics and musical aspects, how they relate consciously or unconsciously to fundamental themes in human quest for meaning across cultures.   Bring in music with your thoughts and we’ll open it all up. A meditation portion will be included

Visualization Meditation
2 sessions identifying where you wish to go next then choosing a visualization to move towards it

Expansion Meditation
-1 session.  A simple technique to personal and universal natural expansion.

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